Sunday, July 1, 2007

Luxurious Dinner

It has been a while we never eat any seafood even fishes in Melb. I've got this phobia of eating fish coz everytime i bought one fr chinese grocery shop, sure not fresh n fishy. yuck! So this time we plan to buy fresh fish from market.. no more fr that grocery shop.

So yesterday we went n survey for fishes.. FRESH ONES.. Went to Coles first to see whether is there any suitable ones as jeremy suggested we cook something like wat they hav in Manhatthan Fish Market. Fuiyohh... Samo with their famous lemon garlic butter sauce. No ngam punye fish BUT saw something on a very special price. LOBSTER! Only cost $4 for half of it. Not very big though but it was really CHEAP..

Without hesitating, terus buy. haha. I doubt it'll b fresh since they sell it for so cheap worr.. Next stop, to Prahran Market, a market near my place. Pretty clean n neat market compared to ours in M'sia.

Another one with my "si lai" look.. With shopping trolley samor.. :P

Walk walk to the seafood section, then saw mussels. We were thinking, since we bought lobster, y not some mussels? Initially we asked for 6 pcs coz we dunno how much mar, scared expensive. The lady weighed it, "That will be 80 cents". We were like.... "SO CHEAP?" haha. "Then make it 10 pcs we replied", which only cost us $1.25.

Every shop there were shouting to promote their seafoods. "$5! Cheap cheap!" So happen we hopped to this particular shop, their fishes were on "sale". haha. $5 for king dory fish. Hmmm... dunno whether cheap anot but guarantee fresh lah. Without doubting again, we bought tat.
OK! Done with our marketing n grocery shopping.. We did not cook those seafoods right tat nite but the next day.

The process, ermm.... u wouldn't want to know. Coz we oso not too sure wat's the right method to cook all those. haha. So wat we did for the lobster was, steam it and put it in microwave with some cheese n butter since we dun hav oven. Mussels, boiled it and the fish, pan fried it. The most essential element will be the garlic lemon butter sauce.

According to Jeremy's mum, ingredients we need is obviously.. garlic, lemon & butter. oops, that's jus exactly the name of the sauce wasn't it? oh, hav to add in milk oso.. So we dumped everything in, stirred it.. n DONE!
Here's d outcome...

The main course, Mr. Lobster, Ms. Fish and Uncle Mussel. So happy that fish is fresh. The lobster still ok.. $4, wat u expect! haha..

The sauce! Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce.. How's the taste u ask? Ermm.. not bad lah. lol. jus a bit too sour coz squeezed too much of lemon.

n also some salad n mushie soup + bread.

This dinner is rather cheap, should b around $ 8 per person for seafood meal. Worth it!

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