Thursday, July 5, 2007

Good Old Days

Been browsing through pictures from my photo gallery n brings back sweet & joyful memories to me. Miss those days where we get to hang along with everyone happily. From primary school friends to office collegues and now uni mates. I've enjoyed every moments i spent with all of them.

So Po Leng!! :P She's my best listener, shopping mate n a good person to talk to. I still remember b4 we bcame best friends, we fought for some silly matter. We knew each other since Form 1 and during tat time, i was quite short n small sized. Form 1 mahh.... hehe.. Then here comes the funny part. I forgot how it happened but this Ms Lee Li Leng teased me by saying.....

"Wah, yr bag so heavy, no wonder you so short lahh..."

Walao, i was so angry tat time n since then, we never talked to each other more than months. lol. Then dunno how we got back together n all os sudden soooo fren d. I think she appologized to me. haha.. We still bring up this topic occasionally n we'll laugh all about it. Anyways, cherished all the time we spent together.

I missed my secondary school school mate as well. I'm glad we still can meet up once a while after we graduated. Though all of us are going into separate paths now, hope that we still can remain our friendship. All the best to those who r still studying or working now.

My life in college were awesome n unforgetable. Been through a lot of ups n downs, fights and arguements. All these made all of us grown up. Can't describe how fun it was when we go for trips, outings or even when we have meals together. Happy tat most of u already got a good job in hand.

Foundation yr classmates....

2nd & 3rd yr classmates....

My darlings... Tricia n Christine. Miss hanging out with u both oso. Tricia was my first fren i knew in college during 1st day of orientation. The way we met was unforgetable too. We start talking to each other in english, so fluent samo. Then eventually i raised up the question,

"Do u speak cantonese?"

haha.. Dunno y i asked her tat. Since then, we were good friends. She helped me a lot during my college days. Though she shifted to another college in 2nd year, but we kept in touch till now. Glad to know u my darling. :)

The ever funny 6. They are Jeremy's best buddies. I was introduced to them few years back. Whenever u're with them, there'll never be a moment of silence. Plus there'll be non-stop laughters also as they crack funny jokes all the time. Nice hanging out with them together with their girlfriends.

After graduating college, time to step into the world of graphic design. My 1st job was in a small design agency located 5 mins drive from my house. Though is a small agency, i learnt a lot through my collegues n boss who has always gave me guidance n advises in various aspects.

Known this girl since my childhood days. It has been 17 years of friendship till now. We use keep in touch by writing letters to each other though she live in Cheras n i was in Ampang. lol. But we lost contact for a couple of years till we met each other in tuition centre a few yrs back. Tat's fate. :) Happy to see u back girl!

Last but no least, my beloved family members. Missing them heaps. Time really flies. Everything's just like yesterday. I dowan to grow up so fast!! But i'll b 22 soon.... arghhh... no!!!!! haha...

Sorry if i missed out any pics of u who's reading my blog now. Tried my best to compile everything here. :)
p.s. Fang, i don't have a pics of u. so sorry. :( If i ever see u again, which i'm sure i'll , i'll take loads n loads pic of it with u.. =)