Thursday, July 19, 2007


Last Monday was my dad's birthday. I sent him a msg n wished him n asked him to enjoy on his big day. Usually he'll reply my msg, thank me or wat so ever. But this time he didn't. So i thought he was bz or anything lor. On that nite itself, i saw my mum on msn. I asked her whether did my dad got my birthday msg for him. She said yes but she told me my dad was having fever since that morning itself too which was on his birthday. He slept the whole day, that's y didn't reply me. Poor thing.. sick on his birthday.. :( Then I told my mum to take good care of his lo kong lor.

2 days later, i saw my mum on msn again. She told me my dad's car broken down in d middle of the busiest round-a-bout near my house. I was like... har.. so cham meh.. so unlucky wan. The car cannot b fixed even the car mechanic came. No choice, have to b towed to the car service centre lor. aih... Moreover, my mum told me my dad was still on fever, she suspect he got infected by dengue fever. aiyohh... fingers crossed hopefully tat won't happen lar.

Manatau tat nite itself again, my aunt called me telling me my dad admitted the hospital! Really kena dengue leh. Walao.. i just got back from work only n quickly messaged my mum. I guess she don't want me to worry tat's y she din inform me. She replied me saying my dad admitted to hospital lor. n his red blood level is dropping now. If this continues, he might need blood transfusion.


I was worried sick tat time. *Sigh... Dengue fever can be serious at times oso. Can lead to death. Hmm.. pray hard, pray hard...

I msged my mum again today asking her about my dad's condition. She didn't reply me instead my dad did. Relieved when i saw his msg saying tat he's ok n asked me not to worry about him and he should be discharged by 2moro.. Fuhh.... My aunt called me as well coz she did called my mum to ask abt my dad too. She told me my dad even said he's fit to discharge from hospital d wan. Mayb the doctor wanna make money by asking him to stay for another day. haha.

Kesian my mum oso la, have to take care of my dad for the whole day in d hospital. Sure tired oso. Bro went outstation pulak. aiks..

Get well soon la dad! :)

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