Wednesday, July 18, 2007


After so long of job hunting, sent out more than 10 resumes, went for one interview, i finally got myself a job! Fuhhhh... but i've wasted more than a month at home doin absolutely nothing!

But anyhow, i'm glad and happy tat i got a job though its a part time one. Atleast i can earn some extra bucks to spend n i can now plan my holiday trip end of d year!

I started my training last week in an asian food stall in a food court. This stall offer all sorts of asian cuisine like cook to order food like nasi lemak, curry laksa, roti canai, etc. They do offer foods like honey chicken, sweet sour pork, mixed vege, etc to b ordered from the food bar. Basically, my duty is to scoop the dishes from the food bar for customer. It's more or less like the "chap fan" (mix rice) concept in M'sia except for the customers wouldn't need to scoop their own food.

In short, i need to serve, scoop food and be the cashier as well.

My 1st day of work was literally tiring n tedious though i only worked for 3 hrs. Mayb i'm still new and not used to the place yet. It's really an eye opener for me as i've nvr involved in such job b4. I get to experience quite a number of things include:

1. How to throw food. Yeshhh, i was taught to throw foods that are not fresh. For me, i think its a huge wastage problem lor. The foods are still edible just that it looks a but yuck n need to b thrown away. I felt guilty oso leh but wat to do, i was ordered to do so. sorry ya foods... :(

2. To use the cash machine. Let me tell u guys a lil' secret, when i was a kid i used to hav this ambition of becoming a cashier. haha... In a way, i achieved my ambition. haha. But now, i dun like it d, coz d machine is not user friendly. If there's an error, i'll b panic-ing d n thus will get scolded. Luckily i'm in graphics course now. :)

3. Serve different customers each day. Some guai lous are really good n well mannered n some can b really nasty.

Besides all those, i still need do the washing for the food bar area, re-stock drinks, check food temperature, re-fill the utensils, bla bla bla.....

I'm quite happy with this job except for some of the people i work with. They are not as friendly as i thought lor. Probably because they are the "senior" and i'm the newbie there. So there must be some gap between us. Rachel who got this same job as mine face the same situation too. They tend to ignore us and only chat among the other "seniors". *Sigh. I did tried to open some conversation with them but it seems to be useless also. Even if i'm new here oso dun need like tat gua.... :( I told myself, for the sake of $$$, i'll tolerate. LOL

aiks.. too much complaining tim.. hehe... anyways, i'm still undergoin my training which will last for 6 weeks. Can't predict what will happen after tat. haha. of coz i hope they'll confirm me lah. :) wish me luck again ya...

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