Thursday, July 12, 2007

Aus punye Lemak

Since we are still on our semester break now, Rachel n I decided to cook some M'sian food. Not pan mee, not char kuey teow, but NASI LEMAK. Hmm.... But first of all, need to seek some tips n advise from professional 1st lah. My mum. lol. She was shocked when she 1st heard tat we wanted to cook nasi lemak.

"Wah, very ma fan one wo. Need to cook the sambal, the rice, a lot of skills needed," she said.

At 1st i was hesitating too. But since we are still free now, y not try it. U nvr try, u nvr know. haha. So, we decided to challege ourselves. We went to Victoria Market the day b4 to look for our ingredients. Din get to buy anything fr there coz mahal. Then found pandan leaf for our nasi lemak in a nearby asian grocery which cost us $1.50 for 2-3 pcs. So expensive! Tak pe.

Head to another asian grocery in city. Found most of our ingredients we needed. Bought the other essentials from supermarket.

So here comes the day. We girls were the chef while the guys do nothing except playing games. hmmphh..! haha. Nvrm.. later u guys will have to do the washing... haha... We started cooking by 2pm. Blend our chilli paste, shallots and garlic for our sambal ikan bilis.

Next, we put the blended ingredients onto the pan n stir, stir n stir with anchovies n onions for almost an hour. Fuhhhh.... Kesian Rachel have to stir it. We tried the sambal again n again. Hope to get the taste like wat we have in M'sia. The sambal was very bitter in the beginning, n we added heaps of water, salt n sugar to cover the bitterness. We weren't tat sure whether was tat a right method. In the end, we achieved the taste we was hoping for.

Next dish, our Rendang Chicken. Of coz we din make d rendang. Just bought the ready made paste. Dump the chicken into the paste n stirred for almost half n hour or so. This time is my turn to stir. Really tiring! Since we can't dump all the chicken to the rendang, we fried the remaining chickens.

Cut cucumbers, boiled eggs and fried the anchovies n peanuts as side dish for nasi lemak. Luckily Rachel cooked the rice the nite b4 or else, more work to be done. We even cooked red bean desert for... our desert. lol.

Only 2 of us but have to cooked so many dishes. Eventually we got everything done by 6pm. We stood in the kitchen for more than 4 hours! Imagine.....

Introducing.... Aus Nasi Lemak!

The chefs n the playa's.....

Macam sedap but dunno how it taste like yet....

Hmmm..... up close....

The reactions....

What do u think?

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