Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I'm Back!

Where have i been? *sigh..

I've been disconnected to the world for 11 days. My internet connection jus died like tat without any notice. Called "Telstra" (OZ's Telekom), n their service really like m'sia's telekom. Slow-mo like turtle.. Beh tahan!! Sommore have to verify this n tat, need to ask permission from my landlady... bla bla bla.... *sienz

Finally last 2 days the technician came. Check, check, fix, fix... manatau is the modem spoilt.

No wonder.. After replacing the modem to a new one, try to online. Aiks, still cannot. This time have to re-set another new password. Sigh.. have to wait again.

Later that night, my landlady sms-ed me a new password for the modem. Try to connect again. Tak boleh!! Aiyo... the new password is not working, what's wrong with it lahh!!!

Called my landlady again. i oso paiseh to call her n nag her so many times but wat to do, she's the landlady. She purposely came to our apartment n called up Telstra to report about this again. In the end, after so much of waiting on the phone, answering stupid questions, we managed to online back. Relieved. It has been so long nvr heard the msn message tone. haha..

After this 11 days without internet, 3 of us, Jeremy, Yumeko n I felt tremendously depressed. Wat we did was watching dramas all the time. Besides tat, we really got nothing better to do. We realised we rely too much on the internet n hard to live without it. Luckily i was working throughout the week, can pass my time easier. lol..

Will be back with more post! :)

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