Monday, December 17, 2007

Random Updates

Some random updates.... which i suppose to post long time ago.... :P

Went to Boney M mini concert on the eve of my birthday. It was a coincidence as my aunt was supposed to go with a fren of hers. Last minute, her fren couldnt make it for the concert. So, i was the back up partner for my aunt that nite. LOL.

Incase anyone of u dunno who Boney M is, they are a group of four West Indian singers and dancers during the late 70's. When my aunt told me abt their concert, i know abt them but i'm clueless abt wat song they sing. So need to do some research, and of coz ask those who are in that era. Then only i know, i've actually heard of their songs b4! lol. Thanks to my parents who always on 'Light and Easy' radio channel back home. Some of their famous tracks include, Ma Baker, Rivers of Babylon, Daddy Cool.

Despite their age, they still sang pretty well.

Neways, here are the pics i managed to take. Couldn't take much as Mr. Security was there and i got warned a couple of times.

The beautiful stage.... We sat quite near the stage tho.

It wasnt like any ordinary concert like those we had in stadiums but we were all given a space of our own, with table, lamp and chair of coz.

The expensive ticket... abt 80 bucks!

Here comes Boney M. The topless guy, which is one of the group member was dancing n hopping happily throughout the whole concert.

I enjoyed myself that nite tho as it was a great experience for me attending this kinda concert.

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