Thursday, February 28, 2008

The day they were there....

18th Dec 07 - mom, dad & grandma arrived in Melbourne... YAY!! They came all the way to attend my convocation on the 19th Dec.

Mom and grandma stayed 3 weeks, while dad's staying only for a week as he has got things to do back home. 3 of them will be staying with uncle while Jeremy's parents n aunt will be staying in my apartment.

Day 2, uncle brought us to Mt. Dandenong to capture the view of Melbourne. Not the whole Melb but just a part of it. Went to a cafe nearby to sit back and relax while enjoying the scenery.

Nice captivating view with a cool breeze...

Grandma ordered caramel slice fr the cafe which was way tooo sweet.. She jus loves confectionery... cakes, ice-creams.. all she oso ngam one.. cannot like tat oh grandma...

After having tea on Mt. Dandenong, mom, dad and I caught a trainto go back to my house in Prahran. We sat from Ferntree Gully station to Richmond which took us almost an hour. One end to the other end. No choice as i gotta get home n ready for my convo by 4pm.

Mom n dad on the train. The journey was wayyy to long..

Convocation photos will soon be uploded.. :P

Over the week, din really get to spend my time with dad as i had to work and both mom n dad needs to travel for an hr from uncle's place to my place.

However, i took a day off to accompany them. Actually mom & dad been to most of the places in Melb d as they went there 20 years ago for honeymoon.. :P They said Melbourne city still looks the same even after 20 years! haha..

Morning dim sum with uncle & family..

Time flies and there goes the one week. Dad's going home d. Pics with Way Way b4 goin to the airport..

Aiks y am i not in the pic? aiyah, i was holding the camera larr....

Cousinly lurvvveee...

More to come...~~

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