Monday, February 11, 2008

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Finally 5th day post for Sydney is up after delaying for soooo long.

Day 5

Jon suggested that we rent a car to drive up to Blue Mountain which is famous for the
3 sisters Rock.

There, our rented Mitsubishi car, Jon the chauffeur, Jeremy the map coordinator and me, being the sleepyhead + food provider in the car. :P

After an hr half of journey, we finally reach Katoomba Town, the town where Blue Mountains situated.

We still need abt 1/2 hr b4 reaching the peak of the mountain. Eventually, there we were, on the mountain with the 3 sisters rock.

Oops... too enthusiastic seeing the captivating view!

Everything was fine that day except for the annoying FLIES again! grosssss..... >.<

We went down to one of the 3 sisters rock. The stairs down the rock was so steep and i nearly gave up half way as i'm fear of heights. But eventually i held closely to the railing and force myself down. Fuhh... and i made it!

On the Rock..

omg.... they left me all alone!

We were quite lucky as we could see the 3 sisters rock and the rest of the view. By 4 plus, the fog covered the whole mountain and we couldnt see a single thing.

Pose like the 3 sisters!

Now to the next destination, Barthust to fetch my darling Tricia to Sydney. The fog was still covering the road when we were on our way down the mountain.

Luckily we managed to pass through to fog thanks to the pro chauffeur! :P

Nice view captured by Jeremy... steal his photo.. >.<

We reached Barthust earlier than we thought. While waiting for Tricia, we went up to Mount Panaroma the place is famous for somesort of motorcar racing. Nice view, can see the whole Barthust Town.

Not only nice scenery, there were some wild kangaroos jumping around..

This one was looking closely at us.

Time's up. Need to go over n fetch Tricia. Spot her, mopping the floor in ther workplace.. :D

Taken in her bedroom in Barthust.. Silly yet funny..

Last post for Sydney is coming up.... kekekeke....

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