Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm Back

Time Flies!!!!

I'm back to KL already. I had mixed feelings before coming back. Sad as i need to leave the nice place and happy coz i can meet up with all my family and friends! Dilemma, dilemma...

When i came back to KL, it's just like i've never been to Melbourne.. It felt like i just woke up from a dream. I cant really recall what happened in Melbourne aside from seeing pics that i've taken. Moreover when i came back to meet my relatives, it feels like i just met them yesterday. Not a year! Weird.. >.<

I should be happy cos i dont need to chase trains n trams. No more carrying heavy stuff from groceries, no more working in food court.

Tho i dont need to work but still i miss the people i worked with. Missed my daily conversation with customers.. haha.. tho its really boring as i need to repeat those sentences hundreds of times a day.

Me: Hi! how is it going? / Hi, how are you?
Customer: I'm good, yourself?
Me: Not too bad, thanks. So, what can i get you today?
Customer: Ermm... What's the deal like?
Me: You can choose either rice or noodles with 2 choices. It's $8.20 for small and $9.20 for large size.
Customer: Alright, i'll have a large with rice.
Me: Sure. So which are your 2 choices?
Customer: I'll have sweet and sour pork and steak and blackbean.
Me: Sure. Comes to $9.20 please. Would you like to have any drinks to go with your meal?
Customer: No, i'm fine.
Me: Here you go , your change. Thanks a lot. Have a good day!
Customer: Thanks. You too.

However, there are some nasty customers occasionally. They'll shout at you if the foods are not hot enough or doesnt taste good. Wth, not our fault oso, talk to the management lar. Well, what to do, customers are always right.

Some pics with my ex collegues...

Maria and me.

16 years old Amanda..

Amanda's sister, Rebecca.

The 2 Mr Chefs and Ah Yee from kitchen hand..

Miss working with u guys loads! Hope to see all of u in the future. Will definately go back to Melb sometime. :)

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