Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy CNY '08


Oopssie... i think i'm a lil' bit too late for this CNY post right... What to do, the laziness disease is attacking me right now... >.<

Anyway, i'm glad that i came home for CNY this year. Missed a year celebrating with family members while i was in Melbourne... In short, happy to be back, it just felt so warm with everyone around... :)

So, what's CNY without "lou sang"?

Lou ah lou, lou ah lou....

First day of CNY, mom cooked vegetarian... We had chicken, prawn, geese, char siu, mutton... of coz it is all made out of flour... yummieee....~~

Aunts, uncles n cousins waiting impatiently... oops, dad wanted to be in the picture... lol

The only 2 "TAN" girls...

The rest are all guys... omg, i just realise i'm damn short... Look at the "giant" beside me.. i looked like midget... lol

Our family portrait... My parents looked like ang pow that day.. lol..

Headed to popo's house... Finally, my first day of seeing baby Rachel.. If u all remember, i made her a card for her full moon celebration. She was sitting so comfortably on my fatty arms.. -.-

Leng lui couzzie... We played together since we were young as i'm 20 days elder than her...

The ever cheeky baby Ivan.. He looked superbly cute in that traditional chinese outfit..

Baby Rachel was sleeping soundly at the end of the day. I'm sure she must be very tired...

Din really take much pic this CNY as everybody was darn busy to take pics...

Waiting for next year's CNY jor... ^.^

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