Thursday, January 24, 2008

More of Sydney

Day 3

Jeremy and I gotta figure out ourselves the way to the city coz Jon's has to work. We were given a street directory, jus like Melway where all the roads and places were all stated clearly. So no problem for us. We explored the city ourself by bus as that's the main public transport Sydney. And busses were the cheapest compared to the rest of trains. They do have trams but very limited and only in certain area.

We went to Chinatown but aside from the crowd, nothing is so special abt it. The entire city of Sydney was filled with people! Hmm.. through my observation, there were loads of Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Indian. A lot of ppl told me Sydney is like one of the asian country, u hardly see ang mohs around. So wat i heard its quite true indeed. Probably ang mohs dont hang out in city. lol.

Weather was pretty warm n Sydney. Beh tahan, had BOOST to ease my thirsty throat! yum!

Caught up with the 3 girls, Yumeko, Rachel n Cath soon after that. They went 2 days after us. We went to the ever famous Harbour Bridge and Opera House. A must visit place in Sydney. It was a very captivating place. Love it!

Us with Harbour Bridge

Cafes along Opera House. Quite happening wor...

We cant get enough of the beautiful scenery near the harbour, we decided to go closer! We paid AUD$5 jus to take a short trip to another harbour, Darling Harbour.

No regrets on paying the xtra 5 bucks. We get to take pic with both Harbour Bridge n Opera House at the same time!

Underneath the bridge...

Approaching Darling Harbour. We could slightly see some buildings there. That's Sydney's city!

Reaching... Beautiful place with nice cruise boats!

More canggih ones!

That was actually a boat restaurant we saw when we were approaching the harbour. Sure syok if i get a chance to eat there.... >.< That's how the whole Darling Harbour looks like from top.

Day 4

As for out 4th day in Sydney, met up with the 3 girls again for fish market. Jeremy and I gotta find our own way to fish market again coz our dear Jon has got things to do at home.. >.<

After much walking, we finally reach Sydney's Fish Market. Hmm.. nice environment...

Oh, and Ranthini was there to join us too.. :)

This was wat 5 of us had. Cost us AUD$55 for this seafood platter lei.. We get to share abit of everything in the platter n it's already 10 bucks per person. omg..... expensive~~

Headed to Sydney's Casino for a visit. Jon told us that if we join their membership, we'll have $10 creditted to the membership card. Which means we have 10 bucks to play without spending any penny! Lucky day for Jeremy, he won $100+ from the machine all at once. Whereas we girls only won a few bucks from the $10. Tonight someone's gonna belanja dinner... :P

This was taken outside the casino. White christmas for them.... Nice deco..

Another headache when approaching dinner time. What to eat lehhhh..... Jon was telling us there's this shop that sells delicious pancakes. Yum..~~ But pancake for dinner? No worries, aside from pancake, they do offer other food too.

This was what we had. Pork ribs, pizza for appetizer and our main course, PANCAKES!


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