Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sydney, here i come!

Actually, i was back from Sydney more than a month ago. >.<

Day 1

We departed from Avalon Airport on 4th Dec and arrived in Sydney at abt 11.30am. So happy that my darling Tricia came down all the way from Barthust to Sydney to meet up with me. :)

We had the most spicy meal ever, really SPICY! We had Balinese food but suprisingly we two girls manage to finish the food whereas compared to the guys who struggled hard to finish up. lol.

l-r: Tricia, me, Jeremy and Jon

Jon brought us to walk around the city of Sydney. The city really reminds me of KL. It's really similar with busses and the crowd too..

Premium shopping area, Queen Victoria Building (QVB). Nice architecture.

The interior

We went in the month of Dec. This was a huge christmas tree we saw in that building. I reckon it was abt 3 storeys high. Nicely decorated with lightings.

As we walked outside the city, there were a lot of talented ppl just like in Melbourne.

Take a closer look. It is really amazing. I wondered y they can end up in the street. I reckon they should b in some sort of art gallery somehow.

Day 2

Day 2 was accompanied by Jon too. Tricia gotta go back to Barthust for work. sob sob.. Anyway, our Sydney tour guide brought us to the State library, Parliament, every little bits of Sydney. We were outside a church, but don't quite remember wat was the name d.

The interior of the church. Beautifully carved!

Yet another christmas tree.. wee!

Silly shots of us!

This is Lindt cafe, one of the famous chocs brand around the world. It's just like Prada in fashion industry. U can tell when u see how the cafe like. Looks exquisite and expensive. But suprisingly their chocolate drink werent that ex. Just the cake, cookies n brownies were not tat cheap. But it was YUM! Tempting-nye!

Sydney tower. Heard they have beautiful foods there. For sure not cheap, heard it was around $80 p/p. gosh!

More to come, more to come.....

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