Friday, January 11, 2008

Bye bye Celeste

Celeste left us for Singapore! She left all of us here in Melb... sob sobz... :(

If you are reading this Celeste, its nice knowing u as a fren + neighbour. ^ ^ You are always cheerful, bubbly and nice to hang out with. Tho it was just a short time having you with us, it felt like forever. :) Hope to see you soon. Will visit u in S'pore if i can. Come to KL n visit us too ya!

Neways, here are the farewell dinner pics i supposed to upload.

A pressie for Celeste from all of us.. cute horr... ^ ^

She does looked like the doll, doesn't she?

Told ya group pics are essential..:P

Bye bye Celeste... Gonna miss u!

1 comment:

cel said...

:( EVONNE!!!!! I JUST READ IT!!! u super sweet sugar coated honey dropsssss.. i miss u guys tooo.... very much...... make me nostalgic all!! BOOHOO!!! please join facebook. it's not that complicateddd! and come to singapore! or go back to melb and do my projex for me... :(:(:(