Thursday, January 10, 2008

Summer time, beach time!

It's summer peeps! Wat's the best thing should we do? Great time for beachy beachy .. :P

Our first trip to Brighton Beach wasn't a good experience... We were attacked by FLIES!! loads n loads of them!!! arghhh... Australia will soon be dominated by flies... eww....

We din expect things to turn like tat as we planned to bring foods and picnic there... Manatau...

When we took out our foods, all the flies started to come as they could smell our foods!

Ewww... look at it, look at it..

The main point of us goin to the beach is to see the sunset. We hung out for a couple of hours till we couldnt take it. The flies were just way too annoying! Eventually all of us decided to go home and finish up our dinner.

We did not give up, we went for the 2nd time. This time we jus brought some junk foods as we were traumatised by the 1st trip. Suprisingly this time, there wasn't any flies at all! Strange huh.. Probably it was a bit chiily that day that's y all the flies went hibernating. lol.

Mr Leeq planned to get his body tanned but sadly he's still "white" after sun bathing by the beach for hours.

Phewww weeett!! Baywatch ar..?

Mom & aunt hiding from the sun and cold wind.

The wave was so strong and frequent that evening.. Too bad it was cold that day, orelse i would've jump into the water d.

Just love the lighting. Makes every picture turns out good!

Mum & aunt finally dare to step their foot to the beach!

ohh... so gay! :P

Wah mom.. wat r u trying to do arr?

Again, we couldn't get to see the sunset that day bcoz of the weather.. There will be a third time to beach for the last time b4 leaving Melbourne... :(

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cel said...

goodness... the boys are sexier than the girlllssss......................