Monday, April 30, 2007


Last week, my landlady, Ally came to our apartment. Not to collect rent but she wanted to collect letters. But at the same time, she passed us heaps of sandwiches, pies, wraps, doughnuts.. Really heaps of it!

When we met her for the 1st time, Ally told us she had loads of "EXPIRED BISCUITS" and asked whether we want it or not. We were like..... uhmmph... *speechless. Don't know how to answer her. Why would she want to give us those "expired foods"? Weird.... So at time, i just told her we have loads of biscuits as well.

I was so worried if all the foods she gave us has expired but luckily it's not. I was so curious where she got all these from thus i asked her. She told me she's selling all these foods. (0.0) .. I guess she can't finish selling all of it, so just passed it to us rather than throwing it.

BUT the thing is, all the sandwiches, doughnuts and wraps have to be cleared within 3 days.. Only the pies can be kept.

OMG.. How can we finish all of it in 3 days?

Yumeko only incharge of the salad wrap and the cheese roll. How lucky.. Wherelse Jeremy and i have to clear off all the tuna sandwiches and chicken wraps..... Fuhh....

Just look at it..

Just look at our peti sejuk... Already so full before the foods went in.. Look at it now.. going to burst soon. lol..

But luckily we manage to clear all the foods within 3 days. HOW?

Breakfast : Doughnut

Lunch: Tuna Sandwich

Dinner : Chicken Wrap

That was how we did it. For 3 days, tat's our meal. BRRUUURPPP.....

But anyhow, we still need to thank Ally for all the foods. We saved so much for our food expenses :)

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