Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mission Possible....

It was an extremely BZ BZ BZ BZ BZ BZ BZ BZ BZ BZ week for me. So many assignments and presentations at the same time. Fuhh... slept at 5 am last 2 days. I need more time.. arghh...

Anyways, back to my "mission possible" .. First of all would like to say thank u to all of my fellow mates who helped me throughout the mission.

Mission : Suprise Birthday Party

Suspect: Mr. Spidey@ Jeremy....

Date & Venue : 14th Apr '07 at my apartment.....

The perfect plan:

Planner Dpmt :(ME) - Dragging the suspect out to somewhere else on 14th Apr

Food Dpmt :
Yumeko - Salad making & foods ( she was also incharge with the accounts)
Meng Jiunn & Rachel - Pizzas delivery
Jane- Super nice cake fr Bread Top

Deco Dpmt:
Leeq & Yunnie

Special Appearances:
Nichola & Pei Lin

A day b4 the mission begun, i told suspect Jeremy, that i wanted to go down city for a walk. Just an excuse to get rid of him out the house. After much persuading, he finally agreed to go with me. On that mission day it self, I WAS SICK! Seriously headache but i cant tell jeremy or else he wont go out with me.

What to do, i have to pretend i'm NOT sick. We went down city, had our lunch at this erm. restaurant where i found "french toast".hmm. taste ok, but not as nice as Kim Gary's.

The suspect still doesn't know what was happening... eating happily....

While i was sick "happily" too.... as i need to pretend i'm not sick!

While walking, i found "TAN TART" (egg tart) that i've been looking for so long in Melb. Hard to find nice ones here, but that was a nice one!

Back in my apartment, my fellow mates were decorating the whole hse while i was out with the suspect. Introducing... the party house.... Well done, deco department!

So, it was about time to go back to complete the mission. I was having fever but still need to delay the time untill like 6pm then only we caught a train back home.

When suspect and I were abt to reach our apartment, i purposely scream and shouted at him so that the rest of my fellow mates could hear my voice. The suspect must be thinking that i'was nuts to shout at him like tat. lol.. haha... Meanwhile, the rest of the department got the hints through my voice and get ready for the mission.... Look how concentrate were them.

Soon after we reached, the "BONG BANG BANG!!" Suspect was frightened by the "party poppers". Look at his reaction.. lol..

And soon after that, birthday song were sung and the nice "Bread Top" cake came out too..

And of coz, FOODS fr the food dpmt.... well done.. yum yum... Look at the nicely decorated rock melon.. Thanx to the ever creative in decorating foods,Yumeko...

Now, to the contributors....
& the rest of department mates...

& also our special guest....

Fuhh... my relieved look after being an undercover for the whole mission. Everything has to be done secretive b4 the mission..

Wrap the day up with a group pic! MISSION SUCCEEDED!

[ And i was terribly sick with fever and sorethroat right that night.. :( ]

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