Thursday, August 16, 2007

One year old..

Time flies. My baby couz just turned 1 few days ago. It was just like yesterday when i saw him in d hospital when he was first born. Too bad i couldn't attend his 1 yr old birthday party. :(

My mum told me he knows how to baby talk d. Sometimes he would mumble n sing himself. awww... how cute! In chinese tradition, as a grandmother, she needs to buy her grandson his 1st pair of shoes for his 1st birthday. My mum and my aunt brought him to buy his new shoes b4 his birthday on behalf of my grandma.. Can tell my cute baby couz was so excited abt it. That cutie even flirt with the shoeshop's salesgirl by smilling with each n everyone of them. All his cute action made all of us gerammm at him n will start pinching on his chubby lil' face.

Look at their eyes..

Like father like son..

1 happy family.. another one coming out soon in Nov... hehe...

uhh... cut cake luhh...

Happy Birthday Ivan! Muaxxxx.... from ur couz sis who's far far away now...

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