Monday, June 30, 2008

After 2 months of working...

1. Dinner at 8,9,10 or sometimes 11pm.
2. Looking forward for weekends, but sadly it passes by so fast that i don't even feel it.
3. Colleagues.. still cannot click that much with them. I wonder why.
4. Felt invisible, miserable and unmotivated as sometimes my works are not appreciated.
5. Leaves office at 9pm, and Mr. Boss said "Wah, working halfday ah?"
6. Mr. Boss likes staff who stays up late and better still overnight in the office.
7. Record for staying up OT in the office. Latest 2am. Earliest 7.45pm.
8. Still paying RM6 everyday for parking as no allowance were given to me yet. :(

Hope it gets better as time goes. Don't feel like giving up this job yet.


Elynn said...

must TAHAN TAHAN TAHAN! Get the experience first. Be happy k... Just call me a drink or lunch when u need me to shout out. hehe...

Snoopiez85 said...

hey.. yeah, thanks.. Well, trying my best to sabar n tahan.. hehe... :) Will definitely call u out once i'm free. hehe..