Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm officially a degree holder

Yeshh.. finally my graduation photos.. Everyone has been repetitavely asking me where are the photos.... So here they are..

My convocation ceremony was on the 19th of Dec 2007. Held in Glenferrie Town Hall in a hot & sunny day. Aiyoh, wrong day to be hot lar. We were all wearing formal attire, long sleeves, ties... And by the time we reach the hall, we were all covered by sweat top to toe and there goes all the make ups.. >.<

Here's the hall..

When we reached, all we did was, just sign our names and immediately... 'pop!', someone were already standing there to guide us. The assistants helped us to choose the robes sizes and put it on for us. Hassle Free!

While waiting for the assistant to choose the right hat size for me.. Told ya we dont need to do anything at all. Everything was well prepared A-Z. Good job!

Before the ceremony begin...

Julia!!! Hope u r doin well in the States...

Rachel - Havent seen her since i came back.. Hope to meet up with u soon..

Soo Yee - U too, where are you now?

Cute n funny Daya!

The 3 girls...

Joanna & her mom who is also my mom's ex collegue. What a small world. Need to thank this girl for helping me to get a house and recommend me part time jobs. Owe u big time girl! :)

Both families...

Okay, the ceremony begun... Pay attention to what the Chancellor has to say...

Yeap, that's me taking the scroll! woo hoo!

Paid AUD130 for 2 pcs studio photo shooting. This is the family one, still okay. But the self potrait is just a pc of crap! My eyes were half closed, never touch-up my pimples! Sad case...

Granny graduated too..

Oh, mom as well with the title of 'Masters of Housewife'! lol.

After the ceremony... groupies...

The 25, 55 Union Street Residents..

(Leeqie & Ash) I'm one lucky girl.. :P

Yi Xiang!! Thanks for coming!

Multi Cultural Fellowship... You guys rock!

There goes dad's RM100k. Good experience, sweet memories! Woo Hoo!!!

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