Thursday, May 8, 2008

Working Life

Fyi, i'm officially an working adult now.. sobzz...

I started working in an well-known Advertising Agency in Mid Valley since May. I've gave up a company which offered me 300 bucks more as oppose to this current company i'm working with. Well, i was in deep dilemma while making this decision. Both companies have their pros n cons. Well, i know i must have a decision anyhow.

So, today's my 6th day of working. The good thing is, i start work at 10 am. Can beat the traffic. But in return, i have to go back late in order to finish my job. I started to get used to the odd hours of working now. Just that i couldn't have dinner at home d. Its either i had to have late meals or don't have it at all. Sad huh. Plus parking fee here is killing me softly. But this is just the beginning, my journey is still very far to achieve things that i wanted in life. So, don't complain Evonne!

Btw, i'm so darn free right now. Its 11.25 am and no one in the office now because all the staff went to company trip last night! n as a newbie, cannot go lorrrr... Too bad my ECD did not go for the trip. If he's goin, i might be at home now. He's still not in the office yet. Probably still snoring at home i reckon. lol.

Oritey people, time to stop n get my fingers to do work. Ciaoz!

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