Sunday, November 16, 2008


It was a beautiful Sunday. Mom & dad went to Hainan Island that morning. So i was left with bro at home for 5 days. What is so beautiful about that Sunday? Mwahahaha..... Its another year older for me. I'm officially 23 that Sunday. 23 ONLY ma. haha..

Anyway, i did not plan anything for this year. Was too tired working n all. So i just thought of going out with Jeremy, since parents not in. And maybe a yum cha session after dinner with friends. So that morning, went dim sum with Jeremy's family somewhere in Bkt Bintang. Headed to The Curve after makan, since i wanted to check out the flea market there.

When it's almost time for dinner, we left The Curve. I dint know where we are heading for dinner yet. Jeremy has been so secretive over the dinner's venue. Kept on telling me we are going to somewhere with nice environment. So i assume i've never been to "that place". Unfortunately, we were stuck in the jam. He said he made reservation at 7pm. Thinking that we couldn't make it on time, he called "that place" telling them we'll be slightly late.

Still dint know where we are heading. Jeremy told me that place is quite near my house, somewhere in KL. On our way there, our dearest Jeremy told me he needed to go to the toilet.
"kap si" wo. He persuaded me that we can make it on time but he really needed settle his "big" business first. He insisted that we go back my house first, settle it and rush over to "that place".

No choice but had to say yes lor.. Reached home. I asked him to hurry up to the toilet downstairs while i go up to settle my "small" business. Just when i wanted to rush upstairs...


Walao.. scared the hell outta me... How come there's a bunch of human in my house!

Make a wish, make a wish.~~~ Gosh... It was actually a surprise birthday party planned by my dear. He gave my house keys to one of his best buddy, Mr Toh. And that was how all my friends got into my house.

Thanks to the planner. :) It was really a good surprise which i did not expect at all!

Cut the cake, cut the cake~~ ^^

The preparation started at about 5-ish. These were the people who made it happen! :) Heart you all!

Justin, Kin Wai, Tricia n blur Toh..

Rachel & Yumeko

Johnny & Meng Jiunn

My oreo cheesecake.

Mimi blowing....... ^^

Han - posing, Soon, Tina & Howard - working hard.

Everybody, say cheeeeesssseeee!!


HAR... caught on act - eaten too much. :p

Gather gather together

Happy + Tired look

Appreciate all the wishes from sms es, facebook, friendster and also the gifts. Thank u all so so much!! C ya all again next year ;)

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