Monday, August 25, 2008

Back back back

Some random post to keep my blog alive. ^^

Permed my hair 2 weeks ago. It was alright after i walked out of the saloon. But disaster the next 2 day. It looks like i've permed my hair ages ago. Straight, frizzy, dry, split ends. urgh. in short, suck la. I tied my hair for one freaking week man..

Pic below was day 2. Still acceptable la.

After one whole disaster hair week, i went back to the saloon. Complained to the stylist upon my unsatisfactory hairdo. Initially i thought maybe bcos i did not do any treatment b4 this, which caused the problem. So my plan is to do treatment n settle it. Then my hairstylist suggested to re-perm my hair with digital perm technique. He said it'll look more natural and wavy. But i have to add another 50 bux for tat la. No free meal in this world. lol. I have to do treatment this time as i cant afford to spoil my hair anymore. I'm doing perming 2 times in one week. Imagine tat.

After abt 2 hrs of hair rolling, washing n treating... i'm done. This time i can really see my curls.

My hair was utterly yucky for another week. It was dry, brittle, hard, and unnatural. Sighs... really sad lah... Cannot take it anymore. Went n get myself some haircare products for my permed hair. One of my colleague told me to do hair spa. Get a hair mask n do the hair spa myself at home. Bought a bottle of curl serum too. gosh... Too much spending mannn...

How do i look now? Much better than the 1st week i reckon.

Some "hiao" session with my bestie. ^^

Oh, n i do think i looked like a poodle after i permed my hair. LOL.

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