Tuesday, September 30, 2008

After 7 months of working

I finally decided to quit my job. Things has been going from bad to worst which i doubt i can stay any longer in this company. I understand that advertising line is not an easy profession. I'm not quiting bcos of the workload given to me. I enjoyed what I've done so far although I learn the hard way. But imagine, after all the hard work i've done, working overnights and going back on weekends, i find it useless. When people don't appreciate what I've done, there's no point of staying there anymore.

I decided to move on.

But i'm grateful that i've learn a lot in this company. Colleagues are good. Well, not all i can say. Politics, back stabbing, betrayals. Name it, i've experienced all these in such a short period. It's just not easy to work in an international agency. Within my 7 months of working there, i've attended more than 10 farewells. Just imagine how bad it is.

Friends and family has been urging me to leave. I nvr thought of leaving still as i don't want to give up so fast. Eventually, i felt that my patience has reach the limitation. So yeah.

This 28th will be my last day. Throughout my journey there, i've met really really nice people. As oppose, i've met really really nasty and dirty people. Thanks to both the nice and nasty people, i learn a lot. I really did.

Woo hoo... i'm counting down already!

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