Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Interesting New Places

Hmm.. It has been a bz bz week for me this week. All the DEADlines approcahing. Rushing work like mad cows. Run here and there, slept late nights, skip meals... and worst of all my enemy; my PIMPLES came out at the same time.

Arghhhh.... but as promised, will try n update my blogs..

Here some of the pics that i manage to capture while i was travelling around my neighbourhood.

While i was capturing, I realise Australians love cute stuff...

They have "cute houses" with small gates, small gardens and small garages.

They even have small cute round-a-bouts too... Cute huh. Compared to ours in M'sia.

And cute cars.....

Cute way of promoting perhaps?

Taken along Chapel St.

Jeremy's Fav store Comic 'R' Us

A hot day to take picture lah.. along Chapel St. as well. :P

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